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Violin School Müller in Amsterdam South/Buitenveldert has been a well-known address for years for both children and adults who want to learn to play the violin. Guido Müller is a passionate violin teacher, who gets along with students from all age groups (from 5 years), both absolute beginners without any previous knowledge and people who want to take violin lessons again after a sometimes long break.

For Guido Müller, making music is more than a casual pass of time. Learning to play the violin takes effort and commitment; not only during the violin lesson, but also afterwards, at home, to practice what you have learned. Guido almost always succeeds in transferring that attitude to his students, so that recognizable music is quickly made. There is real music, and the satisfaction of that gives the student wings. Anyone who recognizes himself in this approach will find the ideal violin teacher in Guido.

It is therefore no wonder that more and more violin and viola students are finding their way to Guido’s classroom in Amsterdam South/Buitenveldert. Its favorable location in relation to highways and public transport meanwhile also ensures growth from Amstelveen, Utrecht and North Holland.

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Why violin lessons?

Why violin lessons? The answer to that question can be simple: the violin is simply the most beautiful musical instrument, with the most beautiful sound. The violin shares this unique position with the clarinet, piano, cello, oboe, and many other instruments. In other words: the preference for violin is simply a subjective (but justified!) choice.

Fortunately, there are also objective arguments for choosing the violin. Everyone reads about Stradivariuses that fetch millions at auction, but for the ordinary amateur musician the violin is not an extremely expensive instrument.

Moreover, an incredible amount of beautiful music has been composed for violin, for all levels and for all kinds of combinations of instruments. As a result, the violinist also has a lot of possibilities for playing together. The combination violin – piano is of course the most obvious, but playing in a smaller or larger ensemble is also a very attractive option. Good violinists are in great demand in amateur orchestras. By the way: playing together with piano or other instruments is also possible during violin lessons.

or the viola?

Special: it is also possible to take viola lessons at the violin school Müller. The viola, the slightly bigger brother of the regular violin, is tuned lower and has a darker sound character, which makes a very unique contribution to the overall sound, especially in combination with other string instruments. But beautiful works have also been composed for solo viola. Viola players are more than welcome in amateur orchestras. Perhaps a consideration to also try the viola, provided the player can handle the slightly larger size of the instrument. Something for a trial lesson?

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Free trial lesson

For a first acquaintance, a free trial lesson is possible. Sometimes that is the first acquaintance with the instrument; in other cases, for those who have had violin or viola lessons before, a way to determine the level and to get to know the teacher’s approach. For the record: musical prior knowledge is not required. Both absolute beginners and advanced players, of whatever level, can come to Violinschool Müller.

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