Violin lessons in Amsterdam and surroundings

Vioolschool Müller is known as a renowned violin school in Amsterdam South where, like many other violin pupils and students, you can go for lessons in learning to play the violin as well as learning to play the viola. Of course it is important for you when you are looking for the right violin school to learn to play the violin well that you know that you are in good hands with your teacher. But it is also important that the violin school is located at a location that is easy to reach for you. Of course, it shouldn't take too much effort for you to reach the school! Vioolschool Müller is located on the Van Boshuizenstraat in Amsterdam South. Not only a beautiful but also very accessible location. Vioolschool Müller is therefore very easy to reach by car, but also certainly for students who need to come by public transport. If you want to learn to play an instrument, especially a beautiful and complex instrument like the violin, it is of course important that you choose a violin school that you enjoy going to and that you can easily get to. Nothing should stand in your way on your way to master the violin! Vioolschool Müller has pupils and students who live throughout North Holland and Utrecht, but in particular from the Amsterdam and Amstelveen regions.

By car to Violin School Müller

When you travel by car, know that there is almost always room in front of the door or otherwise very close to our address on the Van Boshuizenstraat in Amsterdam South. There is a parking fee of 2.80 euros per hour. In addition to being very easily accessible by car, our location in Amsterdam South is also a good place due to the availability of parking spaces.

Parking Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 19:00 (maximum 3 hours)

By public transport to Vioolschool Müller

The students who come to the violin school by public transport can also count on an easy and prosperous journey. The violin school on the Van Boshuizenstraat in Amsterdam South is not far from Station Zuid in Amsterdam, and in addition to this accessibility by train, the bus or tram can also be found within a few minutes' walking distance from the violin school. The fact that the location on the Van Boshuizenstraat in Amsterdam South is easily accessible is confirmed by the fact that Vioolschool Müller has students and pupils who come not only from the Amsterdam and Amstelveen region, but from all over North Holland and also the Utrecht region.

Are you also coming to Vioolschool Müller?

Vioolschool Müller in the Amsterdam-Zuid area has long been known as a good choice for people who want to learn to play the violin or viola. The lessons of violin school Müller are accessible to students of all levels and ages from 5 years! In addition to a great passion for playing the violin, teacher Guido Müller also has a passion for teaching, so that you have come to the right place for learning to play the violin or viola at Vioolschool Müller on the Van Boshuizenstraat in Amsterdam South. In addition to accessible lessons, the violin school is also very accessible for anyone who has to come to the violin school from within or outside Amsterdam. Very easy to find by car and always a place to park in front of the door, with public transport near Station Amsterdam Zuid and also with other public transport such as tram and bus within a short walking distance. If you have any questions about reaching Vioolschool Müller or other violin lesson related matters? Then of course you can always contact us so that your questions can be answered.