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Violin School Müller in Amsterdam South/Buitenveldert has been a well-known address for both children and adults, eager to learn how to play the violin, for years. Guido Müller is a passionate violin teacher. He is able to guide both absolute beginners, starting at 5 years old, and people who stopped playing for a time and would now like to resume their lessons.

To Guido Müller, making music is more than just a pastime. Learning how to play the violin properly takes time and effort and not just during the violin lessons. Students are expected to continue their practice at home after class. Guido nearly always manages to instill this work ethic into his students leading to recognizable music within a short period of time. The satisfaction of hearing real music will motivate the students even further. If this sounds like the approach for you, Guido is the ideal violin teacher.

It will come as no surprise that increasing numbers of violin and viola students have found their way to Guido’s classroom in Amsterdam Zuid/Buitenveldert . Its excellent location near highways and public transport makes it easy to reach. This, in turn, has provided an increase in students from Amstelveen, Utrecht and Noord-Holland.

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Why violin lessons?

Why violin lessons? The answer is fairly simple: the violin is the most beautiful instrument with the most delightful sound. A unique position the violin shares with the clarinet, the piano, the cello, the oboe and many other instruments. In other words: a student’s preference for the violin is a subjective, yet justified, choice.

Fortunately, there are also objective arguments for choosing to play the violin as well. Everybody has, at some point, read about Stradivariuses selling for millions at auction. For an amateur musician, however, the violin is not an extraordinarily expensive instrument.

On top of that, a lot of truly magnificent music has been composed for the violin for all performance levels and in all sorts of combinations with other instruments. Therefore, the violinist has lots of opportunities to play together with others. The violin – piano combination being the most obvious, but playing in a small or large ensemble is another suitable option. Good violinists are always highly sought-after in amateur orchestras. Coincidentally, the option to play together with a piano and other instruments is also available during violin lessons.

Or the viola?

Remarkable: Violin School Müller also offers viola lessons. The viola, slightly bigger brother to the violin, is tuned lower and has a darker tonal character thus providing a unique sound when playing together with other stringed instruments. Adding to that, many lovely works have been composed for the solo viola. Good violists are always highly sought-after in amateur orchestras. Provided the player is able to handle the slightly larger size of the instrument, they might consider trying the viola. How about giving it a try with a trial lesson?

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Free trial lesson

Violin School Müller offer one free trial lesson as an initial introduction. For some it will be their first encounter with the instrument. For others, who already had violin or viola lessons before, it is used as a way to determine their level and get acquainted with the teacher. For the record: prior musical knowledge is not no prerequisite. Both absolute beginners and advanced players are welcome at Violin School Müller, regardless of level.

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